You know the drill.

The alarm goes off. You climb out of bed and start the morning routine: showering, dressing, waking up the children, getting the children dressed, eating breakfast, finding school bags and sports bag, searching for the missing shoe, locating the car keys.

Finally, you’re about to head out the door to do the usual drop offs when disaster strikes. The babysitter isn’t well and won’t be able to look after your three-year-old this week… Just when you’ve got that important work meeting.

*You’ve got to be kidding me.*

While it might sound extreme, this situation is a familiar one. Juggling childcare alongside responsibilities at work is a common act for many working fathers and mothers.

Emergency childcare in the heart of London’s Canary WharfA one off situation can be manageable but coupled with school holidays and grandparents on holiday, it can be a tipping point in the decision to remain in the workplace or leave in search of a better solution.

Employer-sponsored back-up care is reassurance by design. Worrying what to do in situations when normal care routines falls through is no longer an issue when emergency care can be accessed quickly and easily.

“We have used back up care approximately 8-10 times in the past six months. I have recommended the service to all the colleagues in my team I was that impressed,” said one Care Advantage family.

Bright Horizons on Canary Wharf

Bright Horizons is proud to be the exclusive provider of back-up childcare on London’s Canary Wharf. Our recently refurbished Westferry Circus Day Nursery and Preschool provides high-quality back-up care and holiday club care for children aged three months to 12 years.

Care is available whenever it is needed, with reservations able to be made 20 weeks in advance and from Monday to Friday, from 8:00am until 6:00pm.

Close to the DLR station, Westferry Circus offers families living and working on Canary Wharf peace of mind that when disaster strikes, care is only a stone’s throw away.

To find out more about Bright Horizons and our emergency back-up care, please visit