The study*, conducted by PMI Health Care, highlights that 90% of UK HR professionals believe dementia should represent a concern for businesses, and 74% agree with the Alzheimer’s Society’s recent call for every company in the UK to have a dementia policy.

“The number of people with dementia is expected to increase to one million by 2021 and an ageing workforce means employees may be affected as both sufferers and carers,” said Mike Blake, Director at PMI Health Group. 

“It is heartening to see from our survey that employers are now considering the need to provide education on the condition and to support staff who are either suffering from the condition or caring for someone with the condition.”

The research also reveals that HR professionals are also becoming increasingly affected by the growing issue too, and sourcing and implementing eldercare benefits is an additional priority.

  • 29% have given employees time off work to look after a relative with dementia.
  • 69% are now offering flexible working for employees caring for elderly relatives.
  • With an ageing population and the average age to receive state pension currently at 68 years old (and rising…), supporting our workforce has never been more important.

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    *Conducted in June 2015 with 174 HR professionals across the UK.