Attracting, retaining and developing the best talent is a key focus for companies in maximising performance and achieving success. 

This year’s Balanced Business Forum is the world’s first gender balanced leadership conference; debating and exploring the latest thinking on enhancing organisational performance through sustainable talent management and effective performance solutions.

The event will showcase many key, influential and globally recognised speakers, including Phil Smith, CEO at Cisco; Liz Bingham OBE, Partner at Ernst and Young; Dennis Layton, Principal at McKinsey; and Sir Nigel Knowles, Global Co-chairman and Senior Partner at DLA Piper. Delegates will be provided with new research, case studies and proven solutions to progressive talent management.

At Bright Horizons, enabling employers and employees to be at their very best is a founding part of our mission and we’re so proud to be a partner at the event - encouraging diversity and inclusion through providing the tools and techniques to help employers and employees integrate work and family life.

We’re all more likely than ever to be balancing busy working lives with caring for those who depend on us and getting care right means more people can realise their true potential, while seeing those they love flourish too.  For working families, it’s absolutely crucial in being able to be in employment and have peace of mind to be productive when we are there. 

Both employers and parents tell us the value of employer-sponsored support in improved performance and sustainability, productivity and higher levels of engagement.  In fact, in a recent study we conducted over a quarter of parents said they could not work without their workplace nursery, and 95% indicated that back-up care helps them to meet their job expectations.

Creating a culture which enables our employees to bring their whole selves to work is pivotal in enabling our organisations to attract, retain and develop capable and passionate individuals. 

We’re absolutely thrilled to be attending this year’s Balanced Business Forum and working alongside other organisations to achieve our shared mission.