2017 was a packed year full of changes to the landscape of the political and care sector in the UK. Our blogs surveyed this landscape and added our own commentary and research. Packed full of informative advice, hints and tips, if you missed these blogs the first time around it’s definitely worth taking another look.

In January we once again worked with leading work/life charity Working Families to release our Modern Families Index - our annual pulse check on the life of working families in the UK.

Some clear themes emerged: family was still priority no.1, but there was a real sea change occurring in the expectations of millennials when it came to work and family life - and it was clear that for many fathers difficult conversations were being had.

Mums were also struggling with work/life balance and it was clear that many families were surviving, but not thriving - feeling squeezed and prone to burn out. We looked at what really mattered to them.

It was clear from our own conversations with employers, that many organisations are committed to helping combat stress and burnout with family-friendly strategies like back-up emergency childcare. With the phasing out of childcare vouchers, the concept of workplace nurseries (or purchasing places at nearby nurseries) was becoming increasingly popular. We’re experts in this sector and offered not one but two blogs on workplace nurseries:

https://www.brighthorizons.co.uk/solutionsatwork/blog/workplace-nurseries including a handy guide to assessing whether a workplace was right for your organisation.


Research showed that employers were also becoming more receptive to the idea of supporting workers who are caring for elderly family members. The rights and needs of working carers was firmly on Bright Horizon’s agenda last year, and we continue to champion the voices of working carers in 2018.

The ‘Sandwich Generation’ (working families supporting children AND elderly parents) or even what experts call the ‘Club Sandwich Generation’ (working families with young children, teenagers, retired parents and very elderly grandparents) is now becoming a reality which cannot be ignored – and we examined this phenomenon.

April 2017 saw the debut of our ‘Dream Company’ research at our Solutions at Work Live event (packed with statistics, hints, tips and strategies for recruitment and retention and marketing employee benefits). We discussed what the difference is between a good company to work for and what elevates a good company to becoming a ‘Dream Company’.

Politically, 2017 was turbulent. The governments’ planned introduction of 30 hours funded childcare brought controversy from parents and providers as many parents were unable to access the funding they were entitled to. It’s no surprise that this hot topic gave rise to our most-read blog of 2017: our guide to Tax-Free Childcare.

If you enjoyed these blogs in 2017, please keep visiting our pages as we have a packed schedule of useful information, research, commentary and expert advice coming to you in 2018.