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Back-Up Care for When Employees Need it Most

Supporting your workforce with access to meaningful benefits that help them to combine family life and working life has a real impact on their levels of wellbeing, and on your business. Forward-thinking employers are already putting the wheels in motion and getting ahead of the curve; seeing business success but also winning the war on talent, retention and recruitment.

The business case is clear:

-An Employer of Choice

Research has shown our population is ageing and a growing number of employees are now part of the sandwich generation: caring for children while also looking after an adult dependant.
With additional pressures, families are more likely than ever to require additional support and seeking employers who offer support for all aspects of family life. A unique benefits package will identify your organisation as an employer of choice.

-Increased Recruitment and Retention

Employers that recognise caring responsibilities will reap the benefits in retention and loyalty, with 88% of mothers being first person to call if there’s a problem with childcare.
Family-friendly practices offer practical solutions, enabling employees to achieve their potential and open up the possibilities in a company which supports them not just for today, but tomorrow too.

-Greater Productivity and Engagement

Employees who feel their employer really engages with them and offers family-friendly practices and flexibility will engage with their employer and bring their whole selves to work.
With Care Advantage by their side, more than 75% of employees said they’re able to succeed at work.

-Reduced Absenteeism

One in four working people is a carer. In addition more than half of parents experience childcare breakdowns; taking time off work and leaving organisations and colleagues without their valued employee.
Absenteeism is a costly challenge for businesses but providing a safety net for parents is an opportunity to maximise our organisation’s performance.
Care Advantage has enabled over two third of employees to work on a day that otherwise would not have been possible – an average of eight days in a year!

The Employee Benefits of Back-Up Care


For the majority of parents and carers, family comes first.
Enabling parents to integrate their work and personal commitments has a great impact on their motivation, and in turn their performance. Supporting employees through every aspect of their lives inspires them to reach their potential and feel happy in their role.
In fact, our latest study tells us that more than 75% of employees say that access to Care Advantage helps them to succeed at work; 79% are able to concentrate on their work and 75% are able to meet job performance expectations.


Working families are balancing work responsibilities with caring for those who depend on them – from elderly or adult dependants to their children. With increasing and varying responsibilities, a safety net provides employees with peace of mind and comfort in their role – knowing their loved ones are never without help.


Organisations which embrace the challenges and aspirations of their working families will see the results in the confidence and security of their working parents.
This leads to increasing retention and loyalty from employees who see an organisation they can grow with. The results from our recent study tell us that over 90% of employees report that back-up care would be an important factor when considering a job change and more than 70% say it would be important in their decision to apply for a promotion.

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