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Exceptional Results

We’re delighted that our award-winning safety net is now appreciated worldwide by over 900 companies across a variety of sectors, supporting their recruitment, retention and engagement strategies.
In fact, in 2015 we provided back-up care on more than 716,000 occasions, saving employers thousands of days in absenteeism.
We also continually review our programme and receive feedback from our clients and their families to ensure Care Advantage provides the very best support, and we’re delighted to hear consistently impressive results:

• 100% client satisfaction in 2016
• 98% fulfilment rate for care requests in 2016
• 97% Care Advantage user satisfaction in 2016

Nationwide Network

With more than 200 Bright Horizons nurseries and a nationwide network of high-quality care providers, we’re delighted to be leading the market and setting the highest standards for back-up dependant care.

Our network is a dynamic and growing structure and we are always seeking new care providers to join who share our commitment to delivering high quality family care.

We offer nationwide coverage for our clients, from Aberdeen to Bournemouth, and we have a large network of care in central London, including four exclusive Bright Horizons nurseries located on the major business district Canary Wharf!

You’ll be surprised at just how wide-reaching our network and professional services are!

Extensive Insurance, Data Protection and Information Security

At Bright Horizons, Keeping Everyone Safe is our number one priority and this extends across our organisation. We have extensive data protection and information security policies, procedures and technology, which protects our clients and their families.

We have a wealth of experience in working with clients from different sectors, many of whom have specific security requirements, including the Ministry of Defence, NHS, HSBC, Shell and BP, and many FTSE 100 companies.

We also have comprehensive insurance policies in place:

• 10,000,000 in public liability coverage
• Indemnity up to £10,000,000 for clients and their families
• Insurance for nannies and adult carers (Bright Horizons does not rely on carers to have their own individual cover, unlike other back-up care providers)

Awards and Accolades