Bright Beginnings Parent FAQs

When will my child’s nursery transition to Bright Beginnings?
We will be rolling out the new curriculum to our nurseries in phases, starting in October 2020 and continuing into late 2021. We will update you when your child’s nursery begins implementing the curriculum.

Does your new curriculum comply with Ofsted/Curriculum for Excellence?
Yes, the Bright Beginnings curriculum is underpinned by wellbeing values and is fully compliant with regulatory frameworks. All the Curriculum Aspects are aligned to the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Early Learning Goals (ELGs) – goals that are set out by the government to ensure suitable early learning for every child.

The EYFS Prime and Specific Areas of Learning are also reflected within the Bright Beginnings Opportunities and Experiences for Learning, though our curriculum offers a far more holistic approach. Our Children’s HEARTS Values for Wellbeing also meet the EYFS Statutory Safeguarding and Welfare Requirements.

How will I know if my child is making progress?
Your child’s observation reports will now be made against the additional Curriculum Aspects, to give a broader reflection of your child’s progress and wellbeing. Staff will still record observations on your child’s progress in their Learning Journey, and you will still receive your regular handover update at pickup. Staff will also continue to complete their usual assessments, such as the Starting Points, Four Monthly Summative Assessments and the Progress Check at Age Two.

What will happen to my child’s Learning Journey?
Learning Journeys will continue in the same way as before, using the observation, assessment and planning cycle that your child’s Key Worker already uses to support their development. The key difference is that observations will now take into account newer aspects that may not have not been recorded in detail before, giving you a wider knowledge of your child’s wellbeing and progress.

How will it work for different age groups of children?
Bright Beginnings is designed to work for all age groups. While the Curriculum Aspects remain the same, staff will tailor learning environments, activities and reflective questions appropriately for your child’s age and stage. Learning is further personalised depending on your child’s interests, strengths and passions.

Will we still use the Growing Enhancements?
Yes, Growing Enhancements are a key part of the Ready for School programme for our preschool-aged children. They also form a vital role in Play and Learning at Home cards. As such, they will run alongside and complement the new curriculum.

What can I do at home with my child?
You do not need to do any extra activities at home to complement the new curriculum; however, a wide range of Family Resources, including our Play and Learning at Home cards are available on our website. In addition, you can find new activity ideas and advice in our monthly parent newsletter.

How are your staff trained?  Has my child’s Key Person been trained?
All nursery practitioners will be trained in the Bright Beginnings Curriculum. Nursery Managers will undertake extensive training first. They will then be supported by our Early Childhood Specialist team to ensure the full training of their staff teams. A comprehensive pack of training resources will be sent out to nurseries and an online database will also be accessible for staff to enhance their learning at any time.

Why choose a curriculum underpinned by Wellbeing?
The Bright Beginnings Curriculum is designed very differently to the kind of early years’ experience many adults will have had as children, as wellbeing is at its core. In creating Bright Beginnings, we have included developmental elements that are vital for children’s emotional wellbeing and growth, as well as physical and educational development. Our curriculum works by ensuring these elements are in place and balanced so that each child grows up feeling happy, safe and learns healthy behaviours from the outset, which will help them to become confident lifelong learners.

In the parent guide, you list 33 aspects. Why do you have so many when the EYFS only has seven?
The curriculum is split into five areas of learning, called ‘Opportunities and Experiences for Learning’. These are the broken down further into ‘Aspects’, of which there at 33. The Aspects are not ‘subjects’ but opportunities for teaching and learning. They are holistic components to learning that are of equal importance. For example, a child engaging in telling a story with a friend will be learning about the Aspects of ‘Speaking, Listening and Understanding’, ‘Story Telling’, ‘Confidence’, ‘Making Relationships’ and ‘ Self Expression’, to name a few.
By breaking learning down into Aspects and observing against these, we can ensure a holistic approach to your child’s learning, rather than only focusing on subject areas.

My child starts school next autumn – what if their new teachers don’t agree with what you’ve been teaching them? Will they be behind other children?
Not at all. Bright Beginnings is also designed to fully support the development of children’s academic skills, such as reading, writing and mathematics. The difference in our curriculum is its strong wellbeing focus and holistic approach to children’s learning. Every aspect of a child’s development is considered, as equal components, so that children can progress to school with confidence and a positive disposition towards lifelong learning.