Vegetarian Sandwich Platter


1 loaf of Wholemeal Bread


100g Mild White Cheddar

100g Tuna Chunks

160g Tomato

100g Iceberg Lettuce

2 Medium Eggs

20ml Light Mayonnaise

100g Humus


1. Boil eggs, cool and mash with a little mayonnaise

2. Grate cheese

3. Drain tuna and mix with a little mayonnaise; add grated cucumber if desired

4. Slice tomato and shred lettuce

5. Spread margarine on the bread if desired

6. Make sandwiches with variety of fillings.

Top tip: Lettuce and tomato can be served seperately. Lettuce can be substituted for shredded carrot or cabbage.

Grate carrot goes nicely mixed into cheese or humus as sandwich filling.