Spiced Chick Pea Fritters


480g Chick Peas
2g Mild Chilli Powder
5g Fresh Garlic
10g Coriander
3g Paprika
1 Lemon
300g Tomatoes
1/2 Cucumber
200g Carrots
100g Iceberg Lettuce
180g Tzatsiki


1 Drain the chick peas.

2 Peel and crush the garlic.

3 Pick and chop the coriander.

4 Zest the lemons.

5 Wash and dice the lemons.

6 Slice the cucumber.

7 Peel and grate the carrots.

8 Wash and shred the lettuce.


1 In a blender add all ingredients and blend together.

2 Make into small pate shape and place on a baking tray .

3 Bake at 180°C until golden and core temperature is achieved.

4 Serve with salad and tzatsiki.