Chilli Beef & Bean with Pasta


400g Minced Lean Beef
120g Medium Onions
1g Hot Chilli Powder
300g Red Kidney Beans in Water
500g Chopped Tomatoes
2g Oregano
120g Tomato Puree
1 clove of Fresh Garlic
2g Ground Cumin
1 Green Pepper
400g Fusilli Pasta


1. Dice the onions and peppers.

2. Dry fry the mince until brown and then add the diced onions and garlic. Cook until onions are soft.

3. Add the diced peppers, chopped tomatoes, tomato puree, chilli powder, cumin and herbs.

4. Bring to the boil and simmer for 1 hour until the mixture has thickened.

5. Drain the kidney beans and add to the mixture, cook until the beans are heated through.

6. Meanwhile cook the pasta according to manufacturer’s instructions.

7. Once the pasta is cooked, drain and serve with the meat mixture.