Sensory Play Month: Activity Inspiration

Sensory Play Month: Activity Inspiration

Date: 16 May 2019

April’s theme of the month was sensory play which involved understanding what sensory play is and its importance in each child’s development. Sensory play is any activity that stimulates the five senses of touch, taste, sound, sight and smell as well as anything that engages balance and a sense of where each body part is in relation to the rest. In addition to this it allows children the freedom to choose materials and develop their imagination and creativity.

Learning through sensory exploration comes naturally to babies and young children. From birth children use their senses to explore and to build an understanding of objects, spaces and people, as well as making sense of the world around them. For children, sensory play is about letting them explore new textures and learning new skills. Some examples include:

Sensory play for babies – watching bubbles float and feeling them land on their skin, or scrunching coloured paper to hear the noise, feel the contours and see the shapes change.

Sensory play for toddlers – observing light and shadow created by torch light on objects of different shapes or sizes, or watching the colours mix and the patterns form by finger painting or sponge painting (with child-safe paint).

Sensory play for preschool aged children – creating shapes and playing with kinetic sand, or playing with musical instruments and listening to the tone and pitch as they strike or blow through instruments softly or forcefully.

We’ve put together a list of some of our favourite sensory play activities for you to try out at home:

  1. Create your own sealed sensory bags

  2. Sensory Play Month: Activity Inspiration

  3. Freeze water in gloves and place in a sensory tray

  4. Sensory Play Month: Activity Inspiration

  5. Make your own superhero themed sensory tub

  6. Sensory Play Month: Activity Inspiration

  7. Scented Bottles

  8. Sensory Play Month: Activity Inspiration

  9. Create a sensory garden

  10. Sensory Play Month: Activity Inspiration