My Journey As An Apprentice At Bright Horizons

My Journey as an Apprentice at Bright Horizons

Date: 20 May 2019

Back when I left school I had no idea where I wanted to go or what I wanted to do; when you think about it at the age of sixteen to think about a career that you’ll be doing for a large proportion of your life is an awful lot of pressure. I tried going to college and carrying out a qualification in computer science, I quickly found this wasn’t the career or pathway for me. I thought long and hard about what I wanted to do and still felt like I was at a cross roads about what path to take. 

I decided the route I wanted to go down was to look at an apprenticeship; local to my house I found a small private nursery that was looking for passionate and driven people to complete a level 2 apprenticeship. I thought about it and in the end decided, why not? It is safe to say it was the best decision I could of made; I quickly became part of a team and not only developed professionally but also in myself. I quickly learnt the value of the job and how we as a team were supporting children through the most crucial early years. This was immense pressure but something you can truly thrive on and push yourself to really be the best you can be. 

Upon completing my level 2 I decided that this wasn’t enough and I wanted to pursue a career further within a childcare aspect so I went ahead and signed up for my level 3. Within 12 months I completed my level 3 and was now a fully qualified member of the team. The feeling of not only success but also pride was invaluable; by pushing myself to teach others to learn I was also investing in myself and learning every aspect of this wonderful trade myself. 

It was safe to say I had caught the studying bug and was truly desperate to learn every aspect of childcare to not only push myself in to a further role within a nursery but also give me the tools and knowledge needed to support children through every part of their early years. I signed up to the University of Northampton and completed my Foundation Degree within the Early Years. It was a tough journey but one that was so worthwhile and truly did mould me in to the person I am today.

The message I’m trying to push across with this is I know how difficult it is to plan for your future but I could not recommend an Apprenticeship highly enough; if you are thinking about a career in childcare the message I would put across to you is go for it. Bright Horizons will support you all the way through your journey and with the endless amounts of professional development we can offer upon completing your qualification is endless so there is no obstacles in your path. If you are looking for an Apprenticeship or even just want to discuss some of the opportunities we have available at present please do not hesitate to contact Nathan by email or visit our website.

Invest in yourself and in turn we will in invest in you; come and be the future of Early Years Professionals. 

MY journey as an apprentice with Bright HorizonsNathan Christopher, Recruitment Coordinator for Bright Horizons