Active Learning Chiswick Discuss Growing Enhancements

Active Learning Chiswick Discuss Growing Enhancements

Date: 18 Mar 2019

At Active Learning Chiswick we have been looking at different ways we can incorporate the unique Bright Horizons Growing Enhancements into all of our daily activities. We have had some amazing ideas and have implemented many into our rooms for the children to enjoy.

Active Learning Chiswick Discuss Growing EnhancementsThe Baby Room have created a ball pit where the children have been enjoying climbing in and out and practicing throwing the balls. This has supported our babies’ physical development with encouragement from the staff to strengthen their physical skills as well as having so much fun.

We know as highly qualified practitioners that the best way for young children to learn is through black and white sensory and textural play. Continuing in the Baby Room, the staff have been developing and strengthening the babies’ knowledge of shape and size using some of our wonderful bright sensory bricks.

Imagination is key and unique to every individual child. In one of our toddler rooms we have been supporting growing imaginations with our supermarket role play area where they have been learning how to care for our vegetables and home grown herbs. The children have been encouraged to water the vegetables and herbs as well as tasting a range of raw vegetables including carrots, cabbage and onions. The children have loved playing and using their imaginations in the role play area.

Active Learning Chiswick Discuss Growing EnhancementsOur toddlers have also been using a range of different mathematical equipment to enhance their learning. The children have been matching shapes and colours to the corresponding boxes and then naming the shapes.

The activities that we have introduced into the nursery have been enjoyed by all the children and highlights the advantages of Bright Horizons having their own unique Growing Enhancements to nurture each child’s development.

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