Creative Cooks Month: Recipe And Activity Inspiration

Creative Cooks Month: Recipe and Activity Inspiration

Date: 31 Jan 2019

This month is our Creative Cooks Awareness Month which is all about understanding the importance of healthy living, nutrition and hygiene.

See below to find out what some of our nurseries got up to throughout the course of the month and for recipe and activity inspiration for you to try at home:

Church Crookham Day Nursery and Preschool

Church Crookham Creative Cooks

The children at our Church Crookham nursery made ‘scrummy shortbread’ together! They measured the ingredients, practiced sharing and taking turns, and learnt about kitchen safety with Candy Floss.

St John’s Wood Day Nursery and Preschool

St Johns Wood Creative Cooks

The children at St John's Wood made their very own fruit salad for their 5 o’clock snack. The children had fun cutting the fruit and mixing different fruits together, they have also learned about different vitamins each fruit contains.

Milford Day Nursery and Preschool

Milford Creative Cooks

Toddlers have been pouring and mixing during a baking activity at Milford Day Nursery and Preschool. They showed great concentration and control whilst working together as a team to make some delicious biscuits!

The toddlers also explored a variety of textured paint based all around food, this was a great way to enhance their fine motor skills.

Zoom Nurseries Beacon Road

Zoom Beacon Road Creative Cooks

The children at Zoom Beacon Road made strawberry cookies, unicorn cakes with raisins and sprinkles and delicious banana lollypops!

Feel like joining in? Try out our recommended recipe for this month – mini pizza quiches!

You will need:

2 large tortilla wraps

4 eggs

6 slices ham or salami

1 tomato sliced

Basil leaves (optional)


Heat oven to 180C.

Using a 12cm cutter cut circles from the tortilla. Use the circles to line 6 holes of a muffin tin, pushing them into the holes to make cases.

Beat the eggs and pour into the tortilla cases.

Top each case with a slice of ham or salami and a slice of tomato.

Bake for 15 mins until the egg has set.

Top with a few basil leaves, if you like, and serve with extra tomatoes and vegetable sticks.

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