Worried About Missing Milestones

Worried About Missing Milestones

Date: 10 Jan 2019

As a busy Nursery Manager at Wembley Day Nursery and Preschool and a full time working Mum there are not many minutes spare to switch off. After a busy day at work, I get home, spend about an hour going through the bedtime routine, settling Joe and then finally manage to sit down with a cup of tea (it is a hot one this time!) As any Mum does I think about what Joe has been doing with his friends at nursery today, what he has learnt, how he is developing and what, if any, milestones did I miss?

Joe is now one and is beginning to take his first steps. At the weekend my husband and I encourage his walking… still waiting to see this important milestone and then the day came. Joe’s Key Person, Divya, had already told me that Joe was showing signs it would happen soon. His confidence, co-ordination and balance had been coming on leaps and bounds and sure enough whilst Joe was at nursery he took his first steps! I missed it and to be very honest with you it felt gut wrenching… hello Mummy guilt!

I am a realistic person and fully understood that I might not get to see these things, but that did not make it easier for me. What did make it easier for me was the fact that the Baby Room team and Divya, having been observing Joe for the last few months, were able to spot the signs and capture his first steps as it happened. Later that day I watched the video of Joe’s first steps and the moment I saw it I cried. I was really happy but at the same time sad, throw in some excitement too! The everlasting sense that shone through was Joe’s happiness and the smile on his face. He felt so confident, safe and reassured in this environment that his development and growth came so naturally and with ease.

The Baby Room team know Joe so well and they are able to anticipate his milestones. Keeping me informed and documenting his achievements, I was more accepting of the fact that I would not always be around, so when those milestones happen… my Mummy guilt is elevated and more importantly I know that Joe is happy at nursery!

Written by Karen, Wembley Day Nursery and Preschool Manager and Mummy.

Missing Those Milestones