Nct’s Top Tips For Travelling At Christmas

NCT’s Top Tips for Travelling at Christmas

Date: 16 Dec 2018

Whether you’re planning on travelling to see loved ones this festive season or you’re heading abroad for a winter break, you may be feeling a little nervous to travel with your baby – especially for the first time. With this in mind, NCT have put together some tips for travelling with your child:

  • Think about all of the things that you may need before travelling. For instance, have you got enough drinks, snacks and favourite toys, as well as essentials like nappies, wipes and a change of clothes for any potential accidents?
  • Pack an easily accessible bag containing a few of your child’s favourite toys, plus a couple of new ones for novelty value. For easy nappy changing en route pre-prepare several nappy sacks with a single nappy, small packet of wipes and cream.
  • Slings can be especially useful if you’re on foot, or travelling to places where you’re unsure about buggy access. A top tip from most parents is not to rush or put yourself under pressure as this will help make journeys less stressful. We’ve all had that moment as we’re just about to leave home and realise there’s a dirty nappy to change, so factor in some extra time.
  • If you’re travelling by car, your baby might be entertained by simply looking out of the window, but it may help to think about other ways to keep them occupied. Toys attached to the overhead bar of the car seat can be a good idea, or a book that can be clipped to the seat. A crying baby on a long car journey can be stressful and upsetting, so you could try to time your journey around your baby’s nap times and stop for breaks if you feel the need. Some families find that one parent sitting in the back can provide comfort or distraction.
  • You may want to talk to your GP or pharmacist about suggestions for travel sickness, like anti-sickness wrist bands, and think about whether it’s best to avoid setting off when your little one is too full of food or milk.
  • When travelling by train, try to avoid rush hour and think about which stations have lifts for pushchairs (you can usually find this information online). Don’t be afraid to ask for help either. It may be best to avoid sitting in quiet zones as other passengers may not be sympathetic to a chatty toddler or crying baby. Many parents find it’s best to sit near the toilets where there’s often more space and flip-up seats to accommodate pushchairs. Apply the brake and, when exiting, be mindful of gaps and try to get off backwards as it’s often safer than tipping your baby forwards.
  • If travelling by plane make sure to check the weight limit for your airline before departure. Children under two don’t usually have their own seat and may have to sit on your lap, so taking a cushion or blanket can help. When travelling long haul with a baby, you can request a bassinet for them to sleep in (these go up to 23 pounds) and travelling at night can reduce stress as it allows baby to stick to their usual routines.

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