Men In Childcare: Richard's Story

Men in Childcare: Richard's Story

Date: 21 Dec 2018

Richard at st marys abingdon

My name is Richard and I have been with Bright Horizons for nearly 10 years. I started my Bright Horizons Journey with St Mary's Day nursery Abingdon and I have been with them ever since. Since I have been with St Mary's I have worked my way through the ranks with all the support I could have asked for. I started as bank staff, a week later I was employed full time, received my level 3 qualification a year later, after 3 years I was then promoted to Room Leader. After 3 years of being a room leader I was keen on finding out more about the company as a whole and was given a large amount of opportunities to explore the recruitment side of things. This fueled my interest in personal tours and parent partnerships. Due to this interest I was offered the role of Administrator. After 2 years in this role I was recently promoted to Third in Charge.

In my time with St Mary's, and Bright Horizons, I have been given a lot of opportunities to further my knowledge and experience. It has been brilliant to be able to have the support needed to be able to pursue my interests within the company. Training is provided for every aspect of the childcare career and all of the managers I have worked for have provided me with the knowledge and guidance that I have needed to progress. I couldn’t recommend Bright Horizons enough. If you have the drive and focus to achieve then Bright Horizons will be there to support and spur you on.