A Snapshot Of Nursery Nurse Life At Bright Horizons Wembley

A Snapshot of Nursery Nurse Life at Bright Horizons Wembley

Date: 06 Nov 2018

Monday morning: Alarm goes off at 6am, a quick cup of coffee before I catch the Bakerloo over-ground line to North Wembley Station. After a fresh 5 minute walk from the station I arrive at Bright Horizons Wembley for 08:15. Some of the children are already here when I arrive and I can hear that they’re having fun and getting ready for breakfast. Yvette, our site chef, has got breakfast on the go, warm toast and cereal for me today. I sit down and enjoy breakfast with the children. They chat to me about their weekends and all the activities we have planned for them today. 

When we have finished and cleared breakfast, the real fun and learning begins! One of the favourite activities here is play dough. Children enjoy choosing the colour and fragrances. Today, we have put out lavender play dough; it's purple and the children picked lavender from our garden to add this too! They have so much fun playing with this shaping and cutting it as they like … I talk them about what they are doing – they chat back to me with enthusiasm involving all of their friends in their play! I document this activity so that parents have insight into what they are doing and learning here at Bright Horizons Wembley.

It's snack time. The children are seated and ready for something healthy from our kitchen!  Whilst sitting with the children we chat about whatever they wish before we get ready to go out and play in the garden. Getting outside is great, especially when the weather is good. We all have fun on the trikes, climbing frames and using the water tray!

After outdoor play everyone is hungry! The children will eat at about 12-1 o'clock, then settle and go for a nap. We have a great staff room here with everything you need to enjoy your break, and during staff appreciation month we will often have treats which is always nice!

When everyone has woken up, I love to read stories to the children, they listen so intently and will often join in.

We love getting the paints out; the sensory messy play is great for our children to explore their creativity. For me this is a chance to engage in their physical development and build their confidence to try new things - I find this extremely rewarding!

We have time for another snack from Yvette -  it’s great to see all the children happy and content, talking about everything we did during the day.

Home time arrives and this gives me an opportunity to talk to the parents about what we have achieved today  - I love to be able to support our families with anything they need, giving advice on weaning, potty training and learning at home activities.

I have been doing this job for 25 years, it’s so rewarding to see the children develop and learn as they grow through the nursery. Another great part of my job is building relationships with my colleagues, the support for further training and development is amazing and gives plenty of opportunities to progress your career within Bright Horizons – I wouldn’t change it for the world!

Alison Seaholme

Level 3 Nursery Nurse and acting manager at Bright Horizons Wembley Nursery and Preschool