Being A Mum & Working For Bright Horizons

Being a mum & working for Bright Horizons

Date: 15 Oct 2018

Being a mum & working for Bright HorizonsWhen Jennifer joined the team at our Oak Lane Nursey in Twickenham as a Nursery Assistant earlier this year, she was delighted to bring her beautiful son with her. For any working parent, work and family life balance is crucial. Working for Bright Horizons is perfect for Jennifer as she’s able to work hours that suit her needs whilst progressing within her professional career. Here is Jennifer’s Bright Horizons Journey so far…

“Bright Horizons offered me my dream job at Oak Lane Day Nursery in Twickenham. I always wanted to work in the nursery, but as a mum and being unqualified, I didn’t think that would be possible. But I was wrong.”

Jennifer explains: “They gave me the chance to be part of a great team and the opportunity to become qualified when I am ready. Today I can honestly say that I found a lovely place to work and wonderful people to work with.”

“My son also attends the Oak Lane nursery and he really enjoys his time spent there. He is currently in the pre-school room and he has learned so much. When I pick him up, he always has a big smile on his face, which I find very re-assuring and know that he has had a good day.”

“Thanks to Oak Lane Preschool team for all your support and for doing such a great job.”