Top 10 Autumn Activity Ideas

Date: 14 Sep 2018

The nights are getting darker, the weather is getting colder and the days are getting shorter as summer ends and autumn begins later this month. It’s always sad to say goodbye to summer, however autumn brings along a host of new and exciting opportunities to make memories and is a great time to explore and get creative with your child.

Here are some of our favourite activity ideas for you to try out with your child during the autumn season:

  • Leaf print painting – Simply paint onto leaves using autumnal colours such as reds and yellows. Press the painted leaves onto a piece of paper to create a pretty print! You could go on a nature walk beforehand to collect the leaves and encourage your child to think about the changes in nature, focussing on the leaves changing colour, the weather/daylight changes etc…
  • Poohsticks – A game from Winnie-the-Pooh in which each player throws a stick over the upstream side of a bridge into a stream or river, the person whose stick first emerges on the downstream side is the winner!
  • Create an autumn sensory bin – Use materials collected from a nature walk. This is a great way to let your child explore the textures, colours and smells of autumn. Take a look at this autumn squirrel sensory bin for inspiration.
  • Counting with conkers – Make maths fun by counting with conkers!
  • Make your own playdough – Make it as autumnal as possible e.g. pumpkin spiced or cinnamon.
  • Paint with pinecones – Use pinecones dipped in paint to make your own unique creations.
  • Make an autumn family tree
  • Have fun with autumn sensory foam
  • Make autumn tree sun catchers
  • You could also try creating your own leaf sun catcher plates

Alternatively, baking is a fantastic autumnal activity to warm up when it’s chilly outside. Take a look at our comforting autumnal recipes, packed with seasonal fruits:

For more activity ideas take a look at our Play and Learning at Home.