Growing Up Healthy Awareness Week

Growing Up Healthy Awareness Week

Date: 28 Aug 2018

Our Growing up Healthy Awareness Week, which was held earlier this month between Monday 6th – Friday 10th August, focussed on the importance of developing an understanding of healthy living, nutrition and hygiene.

With this theme in mind, we’ve put together some exciting activities for you to try out with your child:

  • Grow your own cress to make healthy egg and cress sandwiches. You could also start growing your own herbs and vegetables which can be used to make yummy treats!
  • Discuss the 5-a-Day recommendation with your child and create a ‘5-a-Day record book’.
  • Read healthy themed books, we recommend ‘Oliver’s Vegetables’ by Vivian French, ‘Little Seeds’ by Carol Thompson and ‘Lulu Loves Flowers’ by Anna McQuinn and Rosalind Beardshaw.
  • Have fun working together to make up a teeth brushing song that lasts two minutes. Two minutes is the recommended time for brushing teeth. You could use a 2 minute sand timer to measure the length of the song. Consider rhyming words brush and rush – never be in a rush to brush!

See below to find out what some of our nurseries got up to during our Growing up Healthy Awareness Week:

Englefield Green Nursery and Preschool

The children at Englefield Green Nursery and Preschool cut up different fruit to make a fruit salad for their snack. They enjoyed cutting up the fruit as much as they enjoyed eating it!

Asquith Harpenden Day Nursery

The children at Harpenden Day Nursery made their own fruit kebabs at snack time and talked about the importance of eating 5-a-Day. They also made their own coleslaw using different vegetables and ate this with their tea.

Dyce Early Learning and Childcare –

Growing Up Healthy Awareness Week Growing Up Healthy Awareness Week

The children at Dyce Early Learning and Childcare have been painting using fruit and veg, taking part in baby yoga, and they also made an obstacle course outside in the garden! These activities encouraged the children to be energetic and helped develop fine/gross motor skills and build confidence.

Growing up Healthy is one of our unique Growing Enhancements designed to promote an active and healthy lifestyle.