I Am Bright Horizons And So Are My Children

I am Bright Horizons and So Are My Children

Date: 03 Jul 2018

I have worked for Bright Horizons for 5 years now and I have never lost the passion to look for and recruit talented and inspirational Early Years Practitioners. The ethos of the company to deliver exceptional childcare to all our settings has always been a driver for me and that is why I have committed to my role at Bright Horizons.

As an employee, the culture of Bright Horizons is one of the most attractive qualities. Over the years I have been able to work flexibly to accommodate the needs of my family. I have been part of some amazing employee appreciation events that celebrate colleagues hard work and achievements. Also, the Bright Horizons Foundation charity and the good work we do to help our local communities has always held a special place in my heart. 

Not only am I a Bright Horizons employee I am also a Bright Horizons parent. Both of my children have been to a Bright Horizons Nursery. My eldest is now at school but my daughter is currently in the baby room in a Bright Horizons setting and she absolutely loves it. She has such an incredible bond with her key worker, so much so last weekend she started shouting her name as we whizzed by the turning to nursery on the dual carriage way!

This insight into the bond between my daughter and her key worker has inspired me to write this article. In my day job I am always working with the team to find the next superhero to work at our nurseries and it occurred to me the other day that I have the luxury of knowing what that superhero looks like and how getting the right person affects the children and their families.

When my daughter Nell, started nursery just before her first birthday she was understandably upset about leaving me. After 11 months of being by my side every day, going into a new environment, with new faces and routines, is a massive deal for a child so young. I was more relaxed this time about leaving her as I knew she was in safe hands and her brother had loved nursery. However, knowing she was getting upset and taking her time to adjust still pulled at my heart strings but very quickly she started to form a bond with one nursery nurse in particular called Hannah, who then became her key worker. Nell doesn’t attend nursery on a Friday so when Monday comes around she is always so pleased to see Hannah and runs up to her straight away. My husband told me that last Monday he heard Hannah tell Nell her how much she misses her when she isn't at nursery.

 As a parent there is nothing better than knowing your child is not only well looked after but also genuinely cared for by amazing and exceptional childcare staff. If you think working in childcare is just a job or just changing nappies and doing arts and crafts you are wrong. It is so much more. You are an influencer, an educator, a protector. Working in a nursery gives you an opportunity to positively impact not only the children’s lives but also their families.

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