How Bright Horizons Helps With The Transition From Nursery To School

How Bright Horizons Helps with the Transition from Nursery to School

Date: 30 May 2018

The transition from nursery to school is a significant change for a child and is one that Bright Horizons nurseries support through our Ready for School approach. Starting school is about so much more than learning to read and write or recognising numbers and letters, it is a time when a child will encounter new routines, new experiences, new people and new situations. Some of these new situations will be very different from what they have experienced at nursery or home.  Lunch times at school may be cafeteria style where children will be expected to carry a tray and self-serve from a counter – very different to the family style meals at nursery or home. 

New expectations and a lower adult to child ratio makes it important that each child is as independent and confident as he or she can be for managing toileting needs, getting dressed and undressed for PE, self-serving at mealtimes and getting coats on for playtime. Our Ready for School approach supports preschool children who are moving to school next term in becoming confident and independent in tasks such as:

  • Looking after their own belongings
  • Managing their own personal hygiene needs
  • Changing for PE
  • Managing their lunch box
  • Putting their hand up to ask or respond to a question

The transition from nursery to school is made as smooth as possible from subtle changes at the beginning of the final year to more defined activities as the time for school approaches.

Learning activities and experiences at Bright Horizons are designed, planned and supported to lay the pedagogical foundations that prepares every child to ‘Be ready to read’: confidently equipped with the desire, vocabulary and language-deciphering skills they have developed through experiences that are meaningful to them. To approach the world with curiosity and have the knowledge and skills that lead to success in maths and science: growing an understanding of numbers, growing a curiosity for the properties of shapes and how they can connect together,  growing a fascination for the natural world around them and growing an investigative approach to finding out how things work. Developing their executive functioning skills such as:

  • Problem solving
  • Planning
  • Organising
  • Working with others
  • Memory
  • Managing emotions

These are all a part of a set of processes for managing ourselves and our resources in order to achieve a goal and be successful. If you have any questions regarding your child’s smooth transition to school, please speak to the nursery staff and ask them for their tips and suggestions suited specifically for your child. Visit our Learning at Home page for more ideas and also visit your local library and borrow some books, which will help you to talk with your child about the school and new routine. Some of our suggested books can be found below with the links to order from Letterbox Library, our trusted supplier.

  • First Time: School by Jess Stockham

  • Jellybean Goes To School by Margaret Roc

  • Heather Has Two Mummies by Lesléa Newman