My Bright Horizons Journey - Men In Childcare

My Bright Horizons Journey - Men in Childcare

Date: 23 Apr 2018

Once upon a time a guy from Devon turned up at the door of Bromley Day Nursery seeking some volunteer work. He had a bushy beard and long hair and didn’t really know what he wanted to do as a career other than work with people. He was struggling to narrow the search and find his plan for the future.

Choosing childcare was initially based around enjoying some previous work experience and helping to look after his younger brother.

Nick volunteered for 2 and a half months, working 4 days a week between 10am – 4pm. He was shy, scared and very unsure initially but came to love working with the children very quickly and felt supported and encouraged from day one by his manager Dianne .

After a short space of time enjoying his work he decided that the nursery was the place for him. He wanted to develop his skills and knowledge and joined Dianne in completing his Level 4 Certificate in Early Years. 

He now felt more established in the nursery and a lot more comfortable and confident in himself. He was now working 40 hours a week and enjoying the responsibility of beginning to look after the room as an Acting Room Supervisor.

With a big refurbishment and the nursery increasing its capacity new challenges were presented to him. He loved feeling a valued member of the bigger team and enjoyed the increased responsibility.

One day a call came from Kath, the then Third in Charge as the guy was sat on the bus on his way to work saying that Mrs Ofsted was at the nursery. Operation Ofsted had begun!!

At the end of the day Nick was celebrating the OUTSTANDING result that was achieved and the celebrations began!!

My Asquith Journey

Dianne has since been promoted and left the nursery and Nick has been given the responsibility and the reins to lead the Bromley team to continue to achieve more great results but more importantly to deliver the best possible care and high standards each and every single day.

“I take huge pride in my job and strive for the whole team to become better and better as a nursery and as a manager. I have grown up so much as a person and look forward to continuing to push forwards.  My confidence has grown immensely and I look forward to more challenges and creating the best for us all!”

Nick summed up his experience: “There are many times when I sit back and remember the conversations I have had with mentors about believing in myself, trusting my abilities and the strength that they helped to give me means the world to me. I enjoy not only working with some amazing people but being a child with the children, being a support to the team and wanting to grow myself.

I now work with Kath, one of my best friends in the whole wide world. We have grown together in the nursery and I know we will continue to do so. I have complete trust in her and know that she is there for any support I need. It is a complete pleasure coming to work!

Bright Horizons is a wonderful company with a person centred approach and I feel honoured to work as a part of the family. The support is amazing and I have learnt so much since that guy from Devon first walked through the doors.”