Growing Scientists Awareness Week

Growing Scientists Awareness Week

Date: 08 Mar 2018

March is an important month for science as we celebrate British Science Week (9th – 18th March) and also our Growing Scientists Awareness Week which was held earlier this month from Monday 5th – Friday 9th March. Growing Scientists is one of our unique learning enhancements designed to help children grow and develop as enquiring and investigative young scientists. Our awareness week focused on the importance of exploring and investigating the world around us.

With this theme in mind, we’ve put together some exciting science based activities for you to try out with your child:

  • Marvellous Magnetism – Provide a tray of metal and non-metal objects and some magnets for experimentation and exploration. Top Tip – Include some metal objects to which magnets do not stick such as coins or jewellery to prompt curiosity and questions.
  • Super Strong Bubbles – Mix together washing up liquid (1 part), water (8 parts) and glycerine (1 part) to create home-made bubble mix. Use bubble wands to create huge bubbles by blowing or moving through the air.
  •  Make your own Wormery – Layer damp sand and soil into a large clear plastic container and add vegetable peelings and leaves on top. Place the worms on top of the peelings and leaves and make some holes into the lid so that the worms get some air. Wrap black paper around the wormery and put in a warm place. Observe each day and see what the worms are up to! 
See below to find out what some of our nurseries got up to during our Growing Scientists Awareness Week:

Englefield Green Day Nursery and Preschool

Children at Englefield Green Day Nursery were looking at the human body, they talked about the different organs, where they are in the body and what they do. Using coloured pasta to represent the organs the children followed a diagram and placed the pasta in the correct place.

Dyce Early Learning and Childcare

Growing Scientists Awareness Week

Staff and children at Dyce Early Learning and Childcare have been experimenting with melting ice.

Esher Day Nursery and Preschool

Growing Scientists Awareness Week

Esher Day Nursery and Preschool made volcanoes erupt!

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