Top 3 Best & Worst Student Jobs

Top 3 Best & Worst Student Jobs

Date: 26 Jan 2018

Let’s face it, one of the best things about being a student is having a great social life. However, most students find that there is never enough money to join in on and experience all of the fantastic opportunities that are offered to them and that’s where a part-time job becomes a necessity...

Let us know via social media the best or worst part time jobs you ever had and whether you agree with our list below!

We'll start with the worst jobs:

Working in a bar or coffee shop  

It may not be so bad if you work in an upmarket restaurant and the tips are good but what about those long hours and feeling absolutely shattered the following day… Not to mention the ‘unhappy customers’, sticky tables or the pot washing …

Working in retail

Stocking up shelves is not the most rewarding or brain-engaging activity, plus you usually have to start early and there are lots shifts with no flexibility.

Street ‘Marketing’ or Telesales

There is usually a promise of high commission which can only be achieved by making hundreds of calls or handing out thousands of flyers. No thank you!

Here are the best student jobs:


Stick to what you know and this can turn into a very well-paid student job. If a student or parent likes you, they will recommend you to their friends and you can quickly build up a list of clients and bring in a healthy amount of money.

Social media assistant 

Let’s be honest, you probably use social media every day, so why not post on Facebook for a small, local company? This is a great way to earn some extra money, plus you may be able to work from home!

Nursery Nurse

At Bright Horizons we have many flexible working opportunitiesincluding morning and afternoon shifts which can fit around your busy, student schedules.

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