Supporting Children To Become Confident Writers

Supporting Children to Become Confident Writers

Date: 11 Jan 2018

Our upcoming Growing Writers Awareness Week, beginning Monday 15th January, will focus on the importance of writing and mark making, as well as looking at how we support children to become confident writers.

Writing and mark making are essential for the development of fine motor skills, control, hand-eye coordination, cognitive development, fundamental skill and expression.

With this theme in mind, we have put together an assortment of activities to encourage your child to express their wonderful thoughts and ideas:

  • Writing with Dough –

Roll the dough into ‘worms’ (thin lines) and then use them to create letter shapes and words. This helps develop motor planning and execution!

  • Tongs and Tweezers Play –

Use tongs to transfer pom-poms into containers. Start by using serving tongs and then gradually add more stretch and challenge by introducing smaller tweezers and smaller items to pick up and transfer objects into different containers. This is a great activity for further developing skills in hand and eye coordination and the manual dexterity skills for holding a pencil.

  • Painting with Water –

Painting their names with water on pavements or bricks is a great activity for young children, helping to develop their gross motor skills and also defining their movements as they see the concrete changing from light to dark.

More activities to support writing and mark making include:

  • Finger Painting
  • Sand and Salt Play
  • Block Play
Our Growing Writers enhancement nourishes the inspiration and desire to write, exploring the connection between written and spoken word through play and communication. For more information on our Growing Enhancements click here