My Bright Horizons Journey

Date: 01 Dec 2017

Hi, my name is Suzie Nelson and my role in Bright Horizons is a Professional Development Consultant in the Professional Development Team

My leadership journey really began some 11 years ago when I left university after 4 amazing years studying Business Studies with Spanish and Italy and had been fortunate enough to experience a year abroad in Italy and Spain. My next adventure was to then set off with my best friend on an around the world ticket which was to teach me some of the most prominent and important lessons about life and that has without a doubt put me where I am today

Returning home certainly more worldly wised and determined not to take things for granted I had thought long and hard about what I wanted to do as a profession and was still keen to explore the world of HR. An area that I had never thought about before but where I spent over 5 years working and ultimately gaining the position that opened me up to endless opportunities, qualifications and took me on the pathway into Bright Horizons where my journey really has been the very best yet.

Moving to Manchester in 2009 after meeting my now husband. I was lucky enough to secure a HR role in kidsunlimited. Spending over 2 years in the team and really learning all the ins and outs about nursery life and working with some great colleagues I was fortunate enough to be offered a position in the Learning & Development Team.

Thanks to a move to Hampshire in 2011 to relocate for my husband’s job and being fortunate enough to secure a new role within kidsunlimted of Talent development Trainer and then being acquired by Bright Horizons and now a Professional Development consultant with lots of travelling and opportunities has given me the best role I could have ever dreamed of.  My role is extremely rewarding, challenging and not forgetting fun. No day is ever the same so I am constantly kept on my feet which I love. But ultimately I get to work with a fantastic team and work with some truly inspirational people every day. Who would have thought that when I took the role as maternity cover,5 years later I would be given the opportunity to be working for an amazing American Company with very talented and humble people, truly loving getting up for work every morning to meet and work with new people every day I would have thought it could only possibly be a dream!

Stephen Kramer really did say it all when he said at conference that the people he works with are ‘extraordinary people doing ordinary things’, something I have been able to experience first hand.

Looking back over the last 11 years my experiences alone have given me the confidence to aim high believe in myself and take on a leadership role.  Only the last 5 years I have been given the opportunity to be a key speaker representing Bright Horizons at the Nursery World show, won a HEART award at a leadership conference in Brighton and then at an AOE, to then be nominated for the Trainer of The Year Award; completed my CIPD in Learning and Development. To now be going onto my next adventure yet having my first baby! … Wow what a journey!