Summer Family Fun

Date: 05 Jul 2017

Here in Britain we love talking about the weather; moaning about rain or dreaming of hot summer days.  When we finally get even a short spell of sunshine we are so eager to get out of the house and spend some quality family time outside, so here’s my top 5 wish list of where I’d like to take my daughter this year for summer fun days out:

Beach, beach, and more beach! – I must take our child to the beach this year. Let’s leave early in the morning so we can avoid traffic and get a good spot! I know she will love playing in the sand, building a sand castle and enjoying a little paddle in the sea. Plus once we’re there we can stay the whole day as there are so many activities we can do!

Sensory table play – We can enjoy being in the garden without worrying about the mess! Water, shaving foam, rice, shredded paper, jelly, sand and mud all make for great sensory play.

Things to do with your child this summer

Long walks in the countryside – there are never enough opportunities to exercise during the long and cold winter days so I plan to find some great local spots to visit this summer.

The zoo & other day trips – Save a trip to a museum or aquarium for rainy days and make the most of the good weather with a trip to the zoo.

Summer fairs & child friendly musicals – I am constantly on the hunt for local community events we can attend with small rides and entertainment (i.e. music, bubbles, or face painting). A new and fun-filled experience without the long trek is always a parenting win for me!

What’s on your summer activity list this year?