How To Teach Your Child To Ride A Bike, Part 1

How to teach your child to ride a bike, Part 1

Date: 16 May 2017

The moment you give them the push and off they go for the first time without their stabilisers, you know that your child has reached an important milestone and is growing up. My daughter will be 5 in a couple of months and  with the weather improving I’ve decided to give a it go, taking her to the park with her bike and without her stabilisers. I’ve search the internet and read many articles with useful advice on what to do, here are some tips & hints which really stood out:

Top tips:

  • Ideally you want to be using a balanced bike first (it helps with the steering and getting used to two wheel bike)
  • However if your child has been previously using a bike with stabilisers, she will need to ‘unlearn’ how to distribute her body weight and lean with the whole body in the direction of steering in order to balance it out instead of moving the body weight in the opposite direction when steering which is stopping the wheels tipping away.
  • Make sure you choose an area with lots of space so your child avoids bumping into other kids. Grass is much harder to peddle on. Be prepared to do lots of pushing and running as your child will be roaming around.
  • Set the saddle high, so your child can touch the ground only with the toes. This will help him to paddle easier as his knees wont come up too high.
  • It’s recommended to stand behind the bike and support your child with your hands under her armpits, so she can have complete control. It’s easier for you too, as you don’t have to bend over.
  • Once you start running behind your, keep putting your hands under their armpits as and when needed, guide their body and help them to understand how the bike responds to leaning.
  • Be encouraging and supportive. Once they gain confidence, let go and enjoy the wow moment but stay nearby, so you can step in if necessary.
  • Practice will make them feel more confident and make sure it’s a fun and enjoyable experience, after all this will be one of the memories cherished forever.
Watch out for part two, when I will be sharing my experience how I put my theory into a practice and how my daughter managed her proper ‘first’ bike experience.