Employee Blog: Rebecca Fergus, Chiswick Park Day Nursery And Preschool

Employee Blog: Rebecca Fergus, Chiswick Park Day Nursery and Preschool

Date: 29 Mar 2017

My journey with Bright Horizons started in 2008 at Highgate nursery, based in North London as a Nursery Nurse.

I have always been passionate about caring for children, this grew after completing my work experience at 15 in a reception class; during this time I realised that I wanted to pursue a career in childcare. I started college straight from school and trained for 3 years completing my level 2 and level 3 in childcare and education. 

I have always found great joy in being part of children's development, watching them grow from a crawling baby to a preschool aged child who is writing their name for the first time, being able to support families and offer advice where needed. 

When I joined Highgate Nursery as a Nursery Nurse in the Toddler Room, my manager at the time was instrumental in helping me develop my skills and after a year I became the Room Leader; a vacancy then came up for a Preschool Room Leader in the nursery and I was eager to challenge myself in a slightly new environment. 

Throughout this time I was continuously encouraged by my manager, deputy and other team members and I was always being given opportunities to develop and learn new skills.  I then progressed into a Third in Charge role and completed my level 2 in leadership and management. During this time the nursery was inspected by Ofsted and was awarded an Outstanding; this was an amazing moment in my career and will always be a personal highlight. 

I continued on my path of development and became a Deputy Manager in 2012 before becoming manager of Highgate Nursery in 2014.  In 2016 I decided to take up a new opportunity and I became Nursery Manager of Chiswick Park nursery

During my time at Bright Horizons there have been many highlights including receiving the Rising Star award, Family Partnership award and HEART award in our annual Awards of Excellence Evening.  This event is always a really fun and sociable night where we get to meet other practitioners in our region and share in the great practice that happens every day across our nurseries.  I always leave feeling inspired to develop my own practice and immensely proud of the work that we all do.  It’s nice to be rewarded and recognised too!

My journey with Bright Horizons has been very similar to the journeys of the children we care for each and every day. Through the support of my managers, team members and parents I have been able to develop my abilities and confidence which has helped me grow into the practitioner I have become.  This mirrors how we support each and every child with their learning and development and their journey while they are in our care. 

At times it can be challenging and tough but not a day goes by where I don't smile or laugh with the children or feel privileged to be able to observe and support them though their time with us.

I highly recommend Bright Horizons to anyone who is looking to develop their childcare careers.  Bright Horizons offers opportunities, training and support with developing each individual member of staff.  We are continuously recognised for the work we do each and every day as a team and as individuals.