Happy Winnie the Pooh Day

Date: 18 Jan 2017

Winnie the Pooh Day marks the birthday of the author A A Milne, who was born on 18th January 1882 and managed to capture imagination of generations of children around the world.

The tale about a cuddly bear and his friends had a few new adventures added last year, which marked the 90th anniversary from when the book was first published.

The original Pooh animals can be seen in New York Public Library

Did you know?

The origins of the name go back to a bear bought by a Canadian soldier in the First World War named ‘Winnie’ after his hometown Winnipeg. Winnie ended up at London Zoo where it was seen by Milne’s son Christopher Robin who named his toy bear after it. “Pooh” was added as the name he gave to a swan.

For you to try:

Visit the Hundred Acre Wood in the Pooh books which is connected on Ashdown Forest in Sussex. Help your children to re-live the stories as they come to face to face with  Winnie’s favourite places.

Play ‘Pooh sticks’ when you’re on a walk! Throwing them into a river and watching them float is so much fun and your children will never get tired of it!