Bright Horizons Winter Menu 2016

Bright Horizons Winter Menu 2016

Date: 04 Oct 2016

Once again our team of Development Chefs have been busy putting together a selection of tasty dishes for all our Nursery Children.

We began this process back in February by holding a Development Day with a team of chefs from our suppliers to look at innovative ways of producing nutritionally balanced meals suitable for our young customers. The recipes and menus have been trialled across the group with feedback from children, staff and parents being taken into consideration.

We continue to use seasonal fresh produce; MSC Fish and Red Tractor Meat where ever possible.

We do not add salt to our cooking process and avoid adding any sugar where ever possible, preferring to use fruit and vegetables to add flavour and moisture e.g. Courgette & Lime Cake; Banana Bread; Lemon & Yoghurt Loaf; Blueberry Muffins.

We are very conscious of the changing requirements for reducing Free Sugars and increasing fibre in the diets for all ages following the SACN report (July 2015). We have adjusted many of our dessert options to take this into account and increased the fibre content by introducing a mix of white rice and high fibre rice.   We continue to offer wholemeal bread and pasta as well as use wholemeal flour in our baking. It is also important to serve portion sizes appropriate to a child’s age and development. Our recipes have been checked so that this is achieved and our nursey staff and chefs trained to ensure that each child’s appetite is considered.

We work very closely with the Children’s Food Trust to stay one step ahead in ensuring we meet all the Voluntary Food Guidelines for Early Years Settings in England, once again achieving the Children’s Food Trust Award. We also follow very closely the nutritional requirements set out in setting the Table Guidelines for our Scottish Nurseries.

We always value feedback from parents and should you wish to discuss anything regarding the menus please ask to speak with our Chef or Nursery Manager. If you would like to try making some of our recipes, please click here!