Becoming A First Time Dad – Part One

Becoming a First Time Dad – Part One

Date: 13 Oct 2016

Ok let’s skip ahead past the usual ‘the birth was magical’ and “OMG, OMG I am a dad!” and let a month or so pass, as this is where it gets really interesting.

“Why don’t I get baby time?”

So when do working Dads get to have cuddle time? Well it would appear it’s only at weekends or during the day when I’m at work. Weekdays, my son likes to sleep until just before I have to leave for work, and then when I get home its bath time and then the grizzly 2 hours before he goes down for his first stint of sleep. All the while, trying to cook, eat, clean and do general housework goes straight out the window. I can tell you now there is not much cuddle time where dad can jump in, between his sleeps and breast feeding. I can see why some couples prefer the bottle route as dads can get in on the action a little more. I hear that in a few years Dads are the go to for fun time, but I guess I am a bit impatient as would quite like some now.

“I am not going to let my child watch TV!”

Hmm, yes that sounds great until they catch their first glimpse of the TV and become transfixed on CBeebies like it’s a magical hypnotic show, either that or some subliminal messaging is going on. Either way, wow! The TV has become a great way to do those few essential jobs, like eat, go to the loo or go and get some washing to put in the machine. The only problem with this is now by my own standards, I am a bad parent.

To be continued…..