Life without a car?

Date: 22 Sep 2016

In a car-dominant society, many people simply cannot imagine what life would be like without one. But every year, people from all over the world come together in and around September 22nd, to remind us that alternatives are out there.

Imagine what our cities would look, feel and sound like without cars...365 days a year? World Car Free Day promotes the use of public transport, cycling and walking whenever possible. For example, promoting walking to work if it is close to home.

With climate change also becoming more of a hot topic in the modern day, practitioners from Bright Horizons create opportunities for children to learn and understand what part they can play in helping it.

Recently, Bright Horizons Macintosh Village Day Nursery and Preschool in Manchester organised a 'Cycle to Work' event, in order to raise awareness about the impact climate change can have on our planet. Chloe Barwick, nursery manager, said, "We were surprised how many children took part on the day. Our nursery is located in Manchester City Centre and many parents have to travel from all over using various forms of local transport including the metro, bus or train. The children loved getting on their scooters or bikes to travel to the nursery and some parents said they are very keen to carry this on, even if it's just for certain days of the week."