Emotional Farewells To Bright Horizons Preschool Children

Emotional farewells to Bright Horizons preschool children

Date: 10 Aug 2016

Children across many Bright Horizons nurseries have been taking part in various Graduation Parties.

The nursery teams wanted to celebrate this very special time on their next step in their learning journey and allow the preschool children and their families to say their goodbyes.  The smooth transition has been enhance thanks to the bespoke Ready for School Programmes which have been designed to get the children ready for the ‘big’ school.

For example Bright Horizons Millhouses in Sheffield celebrated its preschool graduation with a picnic and Barney Baloney entertained the children with many fun games. ‘We are all very proud of the children and glad we were able to enjoy the graduation celebrations with them,’ said the Nursery Manager Jo Whittingham. ‘We wish them well in their new adventures.’

Bright Horizons Summerfields in Wilmslow, Cheshire hosted a very special ceremony, children treated parent to a sign-along session with their music teacher, Beryl. Each received a personalised certificate, highlighting their unique skills or moments they had in the nursery. One of the parents noted: ‘Seeing my daughter wearing her graduation hat and shaking hands with the teachers was very emotional moment. I held my tears back, and enjoyed the party and chatting to the other parents, as we all felt same. Our little darlings are growing up and new chapter in their lives begins. We are really grateful to all nursery staff for being last 4 year there for her, supporting her in many milestones. I’m sure she will cherish her nursery memories forever.’

Chelsea Garratt, the Bright Horizons Chelsea Nursery Manager describes their event: ‘The graduation ceremony consisted of the children assembling in the nursery garden, where each one then walked up to the front to collect their award, dressed in hat and gown. The ceremony was followed by refreshments and the children ended the day by throwing their hats into the air. Their pictures will be displayed on the nursery’s wall of fame.’


Children from Bright Horizons Teddies Woking enjoyed dressing up, singing songs and tea party. The Nursery Manager, Samantha Rose, said: ‘We would like to wish all of our children a smooth transition and wish them the best of luck as they continue their learning journey in school.’

Preschool Graduation at Bright Horizons Lynda Ellis Nursery was a fantastic event for parents and children to enjoy. The weather was beautiful and the graduation ceremony was followed by delicious party food. Everybody spend the afternoon playing games and chatting to friends.


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