Graduating From Nursery: A Mother’s Journey

Graduating from Nursery: A Mother’s Journey

Date: 22 Aug 2016

Tonight I watched my baby girl graduate from nursery. The place that has helped to love and nurture the somewhat shy and timid 10 month old into a lovely, sociable and confident 4 year old. I wonder if the team at Teddies Loughton will ever quite realise the lasting impression they have left on mine and Belle's heart?  From the kisses and cuddles to the singing, dancing and general crazy fun they gave to Belle, they helped me in my quest to build confidence, self-esteem and kindness towards others.

Leading up to me coming back after maternity leave I was told by friends and family, that I should be feeling relaxed about returning to work as I worked for the same nursery group.  In reality it didn't help at all, as I was going to be leaving my baby with “strangers”!  I can honestly say that finding the right nursery for your child (irrelevant of any financial discounts) helped me overcome my fears and anxieties as I could see it was going to be home from home for my daughter. Working in partnership with Donna and the team to ensure not only Belle's needs were met but my own. I was made to feel important, valued and most of all not stupid for being sad for leaving her so young.

It's been an incredible journey and one I'll never forget; the girls at Teddies have taught me so much. Girls, I'll miss not seeing your happy faces every day and I hope you know that you have left many footprints on my heart. Keep changing the lives of all of those children and families.