Guest Blog: Teddy Tennis

Date: 29 Jun 2016

The country is gripped by the upcoming phenomenon that is the Wimbledon Championships 2016, from 27th June to 10th July the whole country will be glued to their TV’s watching the best players from around the globe competing for the ultimate honour in tennis.

Our tennis successes have been monumental – the Davis Cup victory, another stellar season for Andy Murray and Johanna Konta bursting onto the scene. These are by no means all of our successes.

Is there any reason why your child cannot be the next Andy Murray? Our friends over at Teddy Tennis are here to help! 

Coaching Techniques

Movement and coordination are key for early development but the enjoyment of whatever your child does makes the difference. Introducing things to play at home will help raise their interest, you do not need a tennis racquet!! Simple, active and colourful games really catch their attention.

At Home

There are many different things that you can do to practice tennis without a racquet, the motion of swinging the arm from low to high can be replicated by just throwing a ball in that motion. The contact point can be found without a racquet as timing the release of the ball correctly is where the contact point would be. Be creative, there are many different ways to improve coordination, balance and movement which are all just as important at hitting the ball!

Why Get Into Tennis?

Great Britain have had some enormous tennis successes in the recent past. Everyone can now play tennis, even children who cannot see over the net! Mini tennis has smaller nets, smaller racquets, lower bouncing balls and smaller courts, giving anyone the chance to get involved. Learning tennis at a young age teaches more than just tennis; it teaches children manners and sharing while making sure they have the time of their lives! Could there be a better reason to get involved than to just have fun?!

Our nurseries aim to showcase a variety of sports and interests as part of our Active Athletes learning approach. We hope helping the children to be active as a normal part of daily life will encourage them to establish a positive pattern of exercise for their whole lives! 

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Find out more about Teddy Tennis and follow them on Twitter: @TeddyTennisLDN