International Fairy Day

Date: 23 Jun 2016

According to Days of the, International Fairy Day is the day for wishes to come true, and a fantastic opportunity to engage with young believers in the world of fantasy and magic. It is also a great time to capture children’s imaginations through storytelling, role play or even arts, crafts and outdoor activities. See some of our activities to help you celebrate International Fairies Day with your children:

  1. Dress up as a fairy – Be imaginative, and join in the play. Set up a scene, choose suitable music and dance ‘like a fairy’.

  2. Build a fairy house or fairy garden -. Go outside and pick some sticks, moss, pebbles, bark, pine cones or flowers and talk to the children about nature. Describe the different materials, their textures and smells, it will help to give the impression that tiny creatures live there.

  3. Go to look for a fairy – This is a great opportunity to head outdoors, explore a local park, woodland area or even your own garden. Invent your own story; ask your child what they would do if they met a fairy queen?

  4. Draw your own fairy – Collect flowers petals of various colours, shapes and sizes which can be used as skirts and dresses for your little fairies. Glue them on the paper and draw their bodies around. Sprinkle with a ‘fairy dust’ to add a magic touch.

  5. Make your own fairy wings – you will need pair of tights and an old metal hanger which you mould into the shape of wings. Use glitter glue or fabric paint to draw flowers and shapes.