Carers Week 2016

Date: 07 Jun 2016

With 6.5 million carers in the UK already and an ageing population, raising awareness of carers and supporting them in their role is becoming more important than ever.

Whether we’re caring for children, grandchildren, parents or grandparents, all of us will have our lives touched by caring at some point.  Often, we don’t identify ourselves as carers and may feel we are just doing what everyone else would do. We’re also more frequently balancing caring with additional responsibilities at home and at work – a juggling act within itself! 

Carers Week 2016 highlighted the role of carers and brought together individuals and organisations through activities and events.

This year’s theme is Building Carer Friendly Communities – communities which support carers to look after their loves ones well, while recognising that they are individuals with needs of their own. Our communities may include those close to home and also our friends and colleagues at work.

At Bright Horizons, it’s our mission to provide innovative programmes which help children, families and employers work together to be at their very best, and we have a wealth of resources available – whether you’re a carer yourself or if know someone who is caring.  We have lots of webinars and blogs from our industry experts available for you to watch and read at your convenience on our Family Resources page, such as Building a Resilient You, What Every Carer Needs to Know and How to Succeed as a Working Parent.

There’s also information available for organisations and employers, including our latest Modern Families Index which highlights the challenges and aspirations of today’s modern families, and lots of helpful advice at your fingertips through the Carers Week website.

If you’re a carer and would like to find out more about the information and support available, you can download the Carers Week carer’s booklet here. You can also learn more about the Carer Friendly Communities research here