Making Bath Time A Fun Learning Experience

Making bath time a fun learning experience

Date: 02 Jun 2016

The very first bath time with your tiny new born may seem a little tricky as babies are extremely slippery when wet! However, bath time is a super opportunity for you to bond with your baby whilst also having fun and learning together. Babies and toddlers are naturally fascinated by water and will play endlessly at bath time as it is the perfect multi-sensory tool. As such it become an ideal learning resource as children of this age learn best by experiencing something directly with all their senses (active learning) rather than seeing someone else do something or by watching TV (passive learning).


Bathing is a big sensory experience and by adding songs it will support baby’s musical, communication and language skills. In addition, by clapping your hands and tapping knees you will also be developing your baby’s awareness of rhythm which is of vital importance for reading later on.

Early Writing

As your baby gets older let them try ‘finger painting’ by adding bath time finger paints and bath time crayons or simply by showing them how to make marks and pictures using the bubbles laying on the bath. Your little one will be having so much fun they won’t even realise that they are developing both their physical and early writing skills during active play.

Early Mathematics and Early Science

Bath time is one big science experiment: what happens if I tip water out of this plastic beaker? Why does my boat float but not the soap? Right from the earliest age your baby is learning basic scientific concepts: dry/wet, hot/cold, empty/full, before/after. As they pour, splash and drip, they are observing cause and effect and being introduced to basic physics such as why water falls downwards?

Make the most of bath time. It is soothing and calming, a long soak with a sponge to play with can work magic as part of baby’s daily wind down in readiness for bed time.