Planning The Perfect Bank Holiday Picnic

Planning the Perfect Bank Holiday Picnic

Date: 27 May 2016

If you’re anything like us you’ll be really excited about the Bank Holiday this weekend! The extra day off is a brilliant excuse to spend some extra quality time with your family, and what better way to enjoy the holiday together than with a picnic in the sunshine?

The little ones will love doing something a bit different at a mealtime (and the chance to have some of their favourite treats!) and it’s an opportunity for you all to get out in the fresh air. Below are some of our top tips for planning a fantastic family picnic this weekend.

1)      Check the weather forecast!

Not that we want to put a dampener on your plans before they even get started, but in the UK it is always worth checking what the weather has in store before you venture outside. The weather forecast is, in general, looking pretty good for the upcoming weekend with most areas set to stay dry and temperatures looking mild – another reason to make the most of the opportunity to get outdoors!

2)      Make a day of it

The best picnics are as much about the journey as they are about the destination. So why not plan a walk or a bike ride and make your outing last the entire afternoon?

3)      What’s on the menu?

Picnic food is usually nice and simple but there’s still no reason for you to be buttering all those sandwiches single-handedly – not to mention carrying the heavy picnic basket! If you’re getting together with friends and family why not suggest that everyone brings one dish each and share the load?

Put one person in charge on sandwiches, one salad, one cake, one quiche etc. and before you know it you’ll have an outdoor banquet lined up - not just a picnic.  Perhaps suggest everyone brings something different to drink as well and don’t forget essentials like bin liners to clear away afterwards and blankets to sit on.

4)      Decorations and activities

If you want to make your picnic extra special, and it’s appropriate for the location you’ve chosen, why not go ahead early and put up some decorations? Paper lanterns, bunting and maybe even battery powered fairy lights will help create a lovely atmosphere and make the outing all the more exciting for your little ones.

You might want to plan some activities for your family to enjoy after they’ve eaten too. You could set up a scavenger hunt, set-up sports day style races or even have a family game of football, cricket or tag rugby after your picnic.

5)      Ditch your technology

This one’s just a suggestion, but we think it’s a great idea to leave all the phones, tablets and games consoles at home and instead focus on enjoying everything the great outdoors has to offer! It might mean you miss out on a couple of photo opportunities but when was the last time you can honestly say you weren’t distracted checking your phone when you were with friends and family?

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