World Health Day

Date: 07 Apr 2016

Every year on April 7th World Health Day is celebrated globally. This year World Health Day is focussing on diabetes, and as 347 million people worldwide have diabetes it’s something that we should all take care to understand and prevent.

What is diabetes?

There are two types of diabetes: type 1 and type 2.

Type 1: the body does not produce enough insulin. Those who suffer with this type of diabetes may have to inject insulin into their body.

Type 2: the body produces insulin but it cannot use it properly. It’s more common than type 1 and there are ways to lower the risk of developing it.

What can we do to help reduce the risk of developing diabetes?

Taking action to lower the risk of diabetes doesn’t take a huge amount of effort; it’s simple and something we can do in everyday life.

  • Eat a balanced diet

This is something that we should all be doing anyway, and we should definitely be encouraging our children to eat a balanced diet as early as possible too. Try to eat five portions of fruit and veg a day. You could start by adding in some fruit to your breakfast – it’s delicious with porridge, cereal or yoghurt and that’s one of your five a day done! For a snack, have a banana or apple slices (that’s portion number two), while lunch could include carrot or cucumber sticks instead of crisps (number three down), and another snack before dinner could be some nuts and then for dinner have at least one portion of veggies.

If your little ones are fussy eaters then check out our tips for feeding fussy eaters

  • Exercise regularly
Keeping children active while they are young is essential for their health as they grow older. Try to give them at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise every day (this is great for you too). Whether it’s a run around in the park or the garden after school, or it’s a swimming lesson – it’s vital that we all maintain a good exercise routine to keep our bodies fit and healthy and to lower the risk of diabetes. 

It’s important to look after your health for a number of reasons, not just to help lower the risk of diabetes. The earlier that you introduce your children to healthy foods and regular exercise, the more likely they are to continue the routine as they get older.

Don’t forget to set an example - if your children see you running about or eating healthy foods at the table then they’ll want to do it too!

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