St George’s Day

Date: 23 Apr 2016

The story of Saint George claims he slayed a dragon, so it’s only fair that we celebrate his day! There are plenty of ways that we can celebrate St George’s Day with the kids – and they involve lots of arts and crafts, so get your aprons ready!

Visit the parades

Many towns will hold a St George’s Day parade which can be a great day out for you and the kids. There are usually stalls, face painting and lots of food on offer so it’s always worth a visit.

Visit a castle

Castles are magical for kids, their imagination runs away with them and they are always amazed at how huge they are. There are castles all over the UK and they are all stunning to look at – we know you’ll enjoy exploring them too. There’s plenty to do when you visit a castle from princess towers to visiting St George’s chapel – you and the kids will never be bored. What’s even better is that it’s an educational trip too teaching the children about history.

Here are some that you might want to take a look at. Many castles have lovely grounds or gardens that you can enjoy so why not take a picnic and some stories too?

Make some costumes

Get crafty with household objects and some fabrics and create some knight, dragon and princess themed costumes with your children. Empty cereal boxes are always useful (and as we now all do the recycling there’s sure to be plenty of cardboard!) but if you have any old clothes that you don’t mind being cut up they are always good to use too. Make sure that you have plenty of tin foil so that you can make your own armour to give the costume the maximum effect. Once you’ve made your costumes you and your children could make up your own story for St Georges Day.

Get baking

Baking is always fun for little ones so baking biscuits or fairy cakes will be a treat for the children. Decorate your food with St George themed icing or sprinkles – you could do a shield, a flag, or if your children are feeling really creative they might choose to do a dragon! Don’t forget to include the red and white theme of the day!

Make a castle

Once you’ve visited a castle why not start making our own castle with your children? You’ll need plenty of cardboard, paint and glue! Empty toilet roll tubes are always good for the towers and green tissue paper is great for the grass. Let your children get creative when making it and let them decide how big they want their castle to be and what they want it to look like. Your children could finalise the castle by making dragons, knights and princesses.

What will you be doing to celebrate St George’s Day? Let us know on social media!