5 Ways You Can Celebrate Dr. Seuss Day With Your Children

5 Ways You Can Celebrate Dr. Seuss Day With Your Children

Date: 01 Mar 2016

March 2nd celebrates Dr. Seuss’ birthday (this year he would have been 112!) and because so many people loved his books, this day is also officially Dr. Seuss day!

Here are some ways in which you can celebrate Dr. Seuss day with your children – they are all easy and low-cost so everyone can join in the fun!

1.      Read the books and watch the films

The books are so good, so why not read your children some stories (or encourage them to read them to you to develop their reading skills), or watch some of the Dr. Seuss films - there are plenty to choose from. The Grinch (it doesn’t have to be Christmas to enjoy this, right?), The Lorax and Horton Hears a Who! are some favourites.

2.      Make green eggs and ham

Green eggs and ham? Yes please! Yes, there really is a way to make Dr. Seuss’ famous green eggs and ham. You’ll need eggs, milk, butter, blue food colouring and of course, ham.

  • Add the eggs to a bowl with a splash of milk and butter
  • Add a small amount of blue food colouring (blue and yellow makes green, remember) and whisk it all together
  • Cook in a pan until you have perfectly scrambled green eggs
  • Serve with ham and you have green eggs and ham!

3.      Cat in the hat kebabs

Not actual kebabs, healthy kebabs! All you need is bananas, strawberries and kebab sticks. Chop the fruit and then place in a red and white pattern to create a cat in the hat kebab! If you want something savoury then you could try feta cheese with tomatoes too!

4.      Create a puppet show

This will provide your children with hours of fun. You’ll need some plastic white spoons, black pens, coloured paper or card, green paint and some blue tissue paper. Glue and tape and scissors are also required.

Thing One and Thing Two. Draw their faces with black pen, cut out a piece of red card (whatever shape your child thinks it should be) and use some blue tissue paper for the hair. Don’t forget to give each one a Thing One and Thing Two sign!

The Grinch. Paint the spoon green and then when it’s dry draw his face on with the black pen. You can choose to add a Santa hat on top or use a piece of green tissue paper for his hair. Use some pipe cleaners to make his arms and legs.

5.      Hat making

Dr. Seuss characters have weird and wacky outfits and accessories so why not join in the fun and make your very own hat like one worn by the famous Cat in the Hat.

You will need:

-        Large white card

-        Red paint

-        White paper plates

-        Glue or tape

  • Ask your children to paint thick red stripes horizontally across the white card and leave it to dry.
  • At the bottom of the card make 4cm slits in the paper leaving at least 5cm in between each slit – this is going to help the hat stick to the base.
  • To make the base of your hat cut out a circle in the inside of the paper plate.
  • Fold your card round so that it becomes a wide tube shape and place it through the hole in the paper plate. Then stick the slits to the inside of the paper plate with some glue or tape.

Dr. Seuss stories are loved by both children and adults so use this day to celebrate his stories with your children, whether they love Dr. Seuss already or you’re introducing them for the very first time. Make some weird food, dance around in silly hats and have some down time with stories or a movie – and most importantly, enjoy it!

What will you be doing to celebrate Dr. Seuss day? Let us know on social media!