Who’s at the door?

Date: 12 Feb 2016

The fantastic thing about being a nursery manager is that no two days the same. With over 100 families coming through the doors each day there is so much variety. 

My day can vary from one extreme to the other, you may find me typing away at the reception desk greeting families or alternatively running around in the garden chasing the Gruffalo with the toddlers or singing nursery rhymes to the babies.

I may greet a policeman at the door who is here to speak to the pre-school children about keeping themselves safe or equally I may meet a new family looking to find the very best childcare for their precious child.

Every year without fail I meet Father Christmas who takes time away from his busy schedule to come and visit our children. I am also always invited to the children’s Christmas nativity performance which brings a tear to my eye and an overwhelming feeling of pride as the children grow and develop. Graduation is always bitter sweet too as our children are ready for that next step of going to school and sadly the time comes to say goodbye.

I spend a lot of time talking to families and trying to make their experience the very best it can be and I am constantly thinking on my feet of new and exciting ideas which keeps me motivated. 
The team I work with are also inspirational and I am in awe of their enthusiasm and creativity when it comes to creating meaningful experiences for our children. One day the room can be covered in flour/paint/sand/water/gloop and the next day the children are rushing under the parachute happily participating in games like one big family. The team always leave at the end of the day with a smile on their face knowing they’ve had fun and made a difference to a child’s life.

My day is always fun and filled with happiness as our children leave full of stories about their day to share with their families. I am very lucky to work with such lovely families and the most inspirational childcare professionals. I can’t imagine doing anything else.

By Jenni McDougall, Nursery Manager at Bright Horizons, Sale

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