National Heart Month

Date: 02 Feb 2016

Looking after our heart is important, and while we can do a number of things to keep our heart healthy (keep an eye out for our blog post on how to keep your heart healthy coming next week), we can also do lots to support charities that help people with heart problems. This February is National Heart Month – a whole month dedicated to raising awareness for healthy hearts and a time for change. 

The British Heart Foundation is the UK’s number one heart charity and focuses on supporting those with heart problems and funding research projects. We’ve listed some fundraising ideas below that are all cheap and easy to do but that could make such a big difference to individuals, families and friends suffering or supporting someone who’s suffering with heart problems. 

Give to charity shops 
Giving old clothes, toys and homeware to charity shops is such an easy way to help charities and to show your support. The items in the shop go to a good home and to someone who really needs it. Spend some time with your little ones by clearing out old clothes that no longer fit them and old toys that they are too old for. Explain to them that the items will be going to someone who needs them and that they are being kind by letting others have their old clothes and toys. It teaches them from a young age that what’s waste to one person, is needed by another. Plus, it means you can have a good clear out!

Become a baker for a day
This is such a fun task for you and your child to do; they’ll love getting messy while baking cookies and cakes. Decorate the cakes with different coloured hearts, covered in plenty of delicious red and pink icing and then sell them to friends, family and neighbours for a small fee.

Hold a themed day
Whether you’re actually hosting the fundraising day yourself or you’re dressing your child in red to raise money – it all makes a difference. It doesn’t have to be red either, let your child choose the theme – it could be characters from a film, animals, colours, let them be creative about it. You could host it at a local hall or at your house and have a tea party with food and games, and plenty of friends, family and neighbours. Ask everyone to donate a certain amount which will then go to charity. 

Have a car boot sale
Another clear out idea for you to make the most of! You and your child should clear out their room together and put any old or unwanted toys, books and clothes into a box. Then spend some time going through them asking your child how much they want to sell the items for (this will develop their thinking and mathematical skills too). You could make little tags too and encourage your child to write the price down.

Sponsored activities
These are always great fun and they cost you nothing at all. All you and your mini me need to do is sign up, get some sponsors and take part in the event! 

It’s important to teach our children why it’s good to give something back to charity and to help others; fundraising is a fun way to do this. It will help to develop their communicative skills when they have to ask for sponsors but it will also help to build their confidence. 

Do you have any fundraising ideas for National Heart Month? Let us know on social media!