My Career Journey

Date: 04 Feb 2016

My journey started in 2006 in a small private day nursery. I was hired as an apprentice studying towards my level 2. I was very keen, enthusiastic and loved going to work every day. It was always very clear that this was the career for me and that leaving the catering world was the right decision. After a year and lots of studying I gained my Level 2 and grew in confidence. However, although I loved my job I wanted and needed more. Unfortunately the nursery I was working in gave me little opportunity for career progression.

So the search began… 

I was very lucky to find a vacancy at the Bright Horizons Crewe Nursery as it was ideally located. I spent a while researching the company and to my delight it was exactly what I was looking for. Career opportunities, professionalism, training, option to gain further qualifications and lots more. So I submitted my CV and contacted the Nursery Manager directly. The Manager explained, that they were ideally looking for a level 3 and she will contact me in a few weeks for a possible interview. I was desperate for this position so I was determined to not let this stand in my way…so naturally I opted for calling the nursery Manager every week until I was given an interview.

Thankfully I was interviewed and successfully employed as a Nursery Assistant. I was over the moon and felt so much pride working for a large company that was supportive, with fantastic company values. I was often praised for my passion and commitment to my role and I felt extremely appreciated. I soon began studying towards my level 3 and used my own time to complete assignments to complete it as quickly as possible. 

Although I was relatively new to the company, I knew that I wanted a long and fulfilling career with Bright Horizons. In my first appraisal when asked the question "what are your career aspirations?" I did not hesitate to answer “Nursery Manager.” This came as a surprise to my Manager as I was still a Level 2 practitioner. 
As I was reaching the end of my studies, a Room Leader position became available. My only challenge was to prove that despite my outstanding Level 3 qualification I had the attributes for the position. To my delight I was appointed as the Toddler Room Leader. This position was amazing; I thrived on the challenge and built strong relationships with my team which led us to achieve excellent results. Throughout my role I eagerly took part in any training opportunities available, which included, a “Room Leader Development Programme,” equality & diversity, safeguarding, and appraisal training. I also achieved a Level 2 qualification in Leadership and Management.
My leadership, motivation and passion led me to a further promotion as Deputy Manager in 2013. Once again I was so happy and proud that my career goal was becoming a reality. I was naturally sad to leave my Toddler One team; but as a Deputy I was able to impact on the whole nursery team. I used every opportunity to role model to staff and thoroughly loved setting coaching and training agendas. I naturally enjoyed running the nursery in the absence of the manager; this further cemented my passion to become a Manager myself. 
In January 2015 the Manager (who I hounded in 2010) went on Maternity leave. I was successfully appointed as the “Acting Nursery Manager.” This was a fantastic opportunity for me to further develop my skill set and it was amazing to work alongside team members I started my journey with. As a team we had a brilliant and enjoyable year and I was disappointed that my role as Nursery Manager was coming to an end… or so I thought!

In January 2016, I was appointed as Nursery Manager at Bright Horizons Broadgreen Day Nursery, based in Liverpool; this time permanently and not as maternity cover. I am extremely pleased to say that I have reached my dream and all within the same company that took me on as a Level 2 Nursery Assistant.  I am ECSTATIC…and extremely proud of my achievements. Bright Horizons empowered me to believe in myself and gave me amazing opportunities to grow. I am looking forward to continuing my journey at Broadgreen; by making other dreams a reality.  
I always tell my team “if they believe, they will achieve…”

If you, would like to find out more about joining Bright Horizons, please visit our careers page