A Bedroom Fit For A Prince Or Princess

A bedroom fit for a prince or princess

Date: 06 Jan 2016

Your little one’s bedroom should be a place where they enjoy spending time. It’s where they’ll sleep and play (and make a mess), so why not make a little extra effort when it comes to decorating their rooms?

A bedroom fit for a princess

Make your little girl feel like a true princess with these tips on how to add some royalty to their bedroom. Pastel pink and white is always a good choice when it comes to creating a room that’s girly, fresh and able to withstand a couple of years (meaning you don’t have to decorate every year).

-          Add a chandelier

You can get a lovely looking chandelier for less than £40 in most homeware and DIY shops. It’s a small addition to a room but it adds instant sparkle!

-          Patterns and prints

Floral patterns always look great in a room that’s fit for a princess. Try to choose small and detailed floral patterns that incorporate some green as this will make the room feel fresh, and will also prevent an overload of pink. If the room is already painted and you just want to spruce it up a bit, try adding some patterned bedding, throws, cushions or curtains.

-          A canopy bed

This is the ultimate piece of furniture for a little princess - she’ll go to sleep every night feeling like royalty. White or a very pale colour for the canopy curtains will make the room seem bigger and lighter.

A bedroom fit for a prince

Decorating your son’s bedroom can be fun as it’s a chance to represent and show off their personality and the things they love.

-          Creative wallpaper

Instead of having an accent wall that’s painted, why not have one with bright wallpaper patterned with something they love? There are plenty of different wallpaper designs to choose from, including cars, animals, planes, numbers, stars, Disney characters and maps.

-          A colour fit for a prince

Royal blue makes a statement in any bedroom and can be used to create different themes when paired with different colours - for example, when paired with white and red it could create a nautical theme.

Adding a touch of silver will bring some class to the bedroom. Try painting the bed frame or door frame and let your little one feel like a prince.

-          Decorate blank space

Wall stickers also make a great addition to any blank wall, they are easy to do and your children can choose the one they like the most. Inexpensive ones are available on eBay and Amazon.


Make the most of storage space

Where possible try to minimise storage in your child’s bedroom. This way they’ll have more room to play and learn. Choose beds with built-in storage or with room underneath for boxes. Use a shoe rack on the back of the door; you can put shoes, toys or teddies in there to create more space.

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