Baby Name Trends of 2015

Date: 08 Jan 2016

Now that we’ve welcomed in 2016, it’s time to look back over the popular baby names of last year - and what a year it was.

From celebrity baby names, box-set baby names to… Instagram filters, 2015 did not disappoint. We’re going to take a look back over baby name trends of 2015 and then predict what names you’ll be hearing more of throughout 2016.

So let’s take a look…

Celebrity baby names

Celebrities like to be different when it comes to naming their children. Traditional names just won’t do and although some of them are pretty weird (we still haven’t got over Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow calling their child Apple), some of the chosen names are guaranteed to set trends.

So, of course, we have to mention Princess Charlotte. Born in May, Charlotte is guaranteed to be a big trend in 2016. It’s already the most popular girls’ name of 2015 and it’s sure to carry on into this year too - who wouldn’t want to name their baby girl after a  princess?

The second most talked about celebrity baby name of 2015 has been awarded to Kim Kardashian-West and Kanye West who named their son Saint West. There were rumours of Robert being the name, after Kim’s father and brother, but after North West it was inevitable that their son was going to have a unique name too.

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel welcomed a baby boy in 2015 and named him Silas Randall so we predict that Silas, an older generation name, will make a comeback in 2016.

Jennifer Love Hewitt also started a trend by calling her son Atticus James; he was born in June 2015 and at the end of the year Atticus was one of the most popular boys’ names.

Box-set names

We love a box set here in the UK, so it’s no doubt that we fall in love with the character names too. Game of Thrones came out on top with the most popular names – Arya, Khaleesi and Tyrion were the favourites. However, Netflix original series, Orange is the New Black led to an increase in the name Piper too. As more characters are introduced in Game of Thrones and other series, it’s likely more names will be added to the box-set names list. 

Instagram filters

Social media plays a huge part in our lives, we know that. But what we didn’t expect was Instagram filters to be used as baby names. Yep. It happened.

2015 saw parents name their newborn babies after Instagram filters, there was an increase in the names Hudson, Ludwig and Amaro but it was Lux that was the favourite filter. Thankfully, Inkwell and Low-Fi haven’t been used…yet.

Out with the old, in with the…old

2015 saw older names make an appearance once again, and we loved it. Evangeline, Cora and Evelyn were listed as some of the most popular names for girls, while Silus, Henry and Sebastian were common for boys. We hope this adorable trend continues into 2016!

Tradition is still top

Weird and wonderful baby names haven’t completely taken over our brains, we still love a traditional name too. Sophia, Jessica, Amelia and Chloe are still popular girls names, while Oliver, Harry, Joshua and Jack are very popular among parents and are still present in the top 100 lists.

So what are we going to see in 2016?

We’re positive that we’ll see some of the 2015 trends move in to 2016. Traditional names are likely to continue being popular (in fact, we’re pretty sure that Tom, Jack, Sophia and other similarly traditional names will always be popular) but after the birth of the Princess in 2015, expect to see a rise in the name Charlotte.

With so many celebrities due in the upcoming year we can’t wait to see what unique names will be given to their children. In particular we’re looking forward to the birth of Tom and Giovanna Fletcher’s second child, after Buzz Michelangelo they are sure to come up with something exceptionally cute. Eddie Redmayne and Hannah Bagshaw are due to welcome their first child, and we’re predicting that it’s going to called something elegant and vintage (along the lines of Elsie, Evelyn, Henry…).

We can’t wait to see what names 2016 will bring; no doubt there will be some wacky ones and some beautiful ones!